Saturday, February 27, 2010

Judy's Junk & Java in Silverdale

My favorite place for a cup of coffee in Silverdale is Judy's Junk & Java.  There you get PERSONAL ROAST COFFEE. When you buy your coffee they will grind it for you!  They also sell wonderful peanut brittle on order!  

ANTIQUES is what makes it my favorite coffee house.  If you know me I am a collector... I love looking for that perfect THING!!!  

They are great, always giving back to the community.  March 12th is Old Town Silverdale Art Walk and they will have a party going on at their place.  Be sure to stop by!


Shelly said...

Lyneen,,,,Too funny, I have to laugh because you kind of sound like me-promoting businesses in your area, like I do for Snohomish!

It sounds like you love your community as much as I do mine! We're gonna have to get together and share our exepriences/communities!

Where to go for,,,Lunch/coffee/antiques/crafts, furniture,,,,,I'll show you mine sometime if you show me yours!

I entered the Tussie Mussie swap, and she confirmed via email, but I am not on the list on her and it is over 100,,,,so not sure if I'm in, or not...We'll see, I guess!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Had a busy day at Joyworks and hopefully a good day tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...


It was so awesome checking out your site and reading the great comments for Judy's Junk & Java. Dean is my brother and my mom is Judy, the junker/collector! (Yes, she does exist) She has a gift for turning other people's junk into treasures and has missed her calling..The next time you stop in to Judy's Junk & Java, tell Dean or Paul thier Lil Sis in NC says HI!! ;-)

Paul said...

Lyneen, don't forget to tell your friends and Dad, of course, that the next Art Walk will be this coming September 17th!