Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last Saturday I went out for a cup of coffee... I have a few spots I like to get a cup of java.  My favorite place in Silverdale is Judy's Junk & Java.  There you get PERSONAL ROAST COFFEE. When you buy your coffee they will grind it for you!  They also sell wonderful peanut brittle, TO DIE FOR (I am not kidding).  I ordered two that I am picking up Wednesday evening, February 17th, during LADIES NIGHT
I love the Personal Roast Coffee and the Peanut brittle, but I must confess... the combination of coffee and ANTIQUES is what makes it my favorite coffee house.  If you know me I am a collector.... I found this wonderful jar of buttons when I was there this week. 


Wednesday ~ Feb 17 ~ 5:00PM - 8:00PM

3656 NE Munson St in Silverdale

Ladies Night Out

Meets Chocolate 


Judy’s Junk & Java 


Lisa Stirretts Glass Studio

with Amy of

Amy’s Decadent Chocolates!

Stop by and bring your Friends!

Call 204-5187 for questions, 

and if you want to order Judy’s one-and-only Brittle Pie.

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Debby said...

Oh you lucky girl! These look wonderful!