Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time at Simply Renewed Saturday...

Simply Renewed is where you will find all of these treasures. Today I added 50+ vintage postcards to the current collection. Three awesome hats from the 50's are now hang there. New ephemera including Model Airplane magazines from the 50s.

I have the two shelf units pictured and use every inch of the space including the floor in front of it. You will find ephemera of all sorts. Vintage postcards, photos and books. Salt & pepper shakers, cookie tins, toys, cigar boxes, cameras, Avon, dishes, bottles, silver, brass, pictures, pottery, tea pot, beach glass, bias tape, lace, scarfs, handkerchiefs, candlewick, hats, gloves and much more!

I also have larger items in the store like the shelf unit and pressure cooker pictured below. If you are interested and can't find them ask Peggy, Jeanie or Val.

The rosary is in a locked cabinet where I keep jewelry and other precious small items. If you want to see this please ask Peggy, Jeanie or Val to see my locked case.

This Rustic Wall Shelf was a find. It is about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The center pulls down to reveal another shelf. This picture doesn't do it justice... here it is sitting on the floor. Once it is hanging on the wall I will get another picture.

The large pressure cooker has all the locks, valve, gauge and racks... all it needs is to be certified and a few jars, you'll be ready to get your summer canning done!

Vintage bottles were a new addition this week as was the frog! I still have more bottles to add later (I ran out of space.)

Another salt and pepper set was added on the shelf of S&P's. Several have sold... I keep my eye out for new ones all the time. S&Ps seem to be a hit.

More pictures of the handkerchiefs soon.

Be sure to stop by Simply Renewed when you are downtown Bremerton.

Simply Renewed

301 Pacific Ave. * Bremerton, WA. * 98337

Phone: 360-479-4101



Hi Lynne,
GOod for you to have another place to sell your goodies. It keeps us busy, doesn't it :)
Looks good and what's your best seller?? Hankies seem to sell here..around 3.00 each unless it has something awesome on it!
deb :)

Simply Renewed said...

Nice blog entry! Thanks for sharing!!!