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Sunday, April 30, 2017

favecrafts voting is open!

favecrafts BEST BLOGGER CONTEST 2017 voting is open... I made the cut!!! PLEASE go and vote... you can vote once a day until May 7th. I would be honored if you voted for me! 

You can vote by clicking HERE to see the entries!!!! 

Sponsors from the Blogger Event at Creativation 2017: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Deflecto, Fairfield, FloraCraft, Leisure Arts, Plaid, Premier, Sakura, ShareASale, Spinrite, Testors,

To read instructions on how I create my canvas click HERE!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn Flowers!

Create your own flowers to embellish your cards!



Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn
Scrapbook Adhesive Sheets
Mod Podge
Circle Punch
Card stock
Card Base

To create the flower center punch a circle from a Scrapbook Adhesive Sheet, coil the Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn from the outside into the center.

Cut  3-inch strips of the Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn (approximately 30 per flower, depending on the size of the flower). Punch a circle from card stock apply a generous amount of Mod Podge around the edge of the cardstock.  Folding the 3-inch strips in half, attach to the card stock to create petals of the flower.  Repeat adding two inner rings of petals by adding Mod Podge at the tip of the outer layer of petals. Set aside to dry.

Adhere the flower center to the petals, remove adhesive from the back of the Scrapbook Adhesive and attach.   

Assemble card:  Adhere solid cardstock 4 x 6 inches to pattern card base (5 x 7 card).   Cut 4 inches of the  Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn for the stem and 3 inches for the leafs. Adhere the leaf and then the stem to the card with Mod Podge.


Punch a circle from a Scrapbook Adhesive Sheet, peel one side and attach to the flower.  Remove protective paper from the second side and adhere to the card.  


favecrafts Best Blogger Contest

In January when I went to Creativation 2017 (previously known as CHA) I had the privilege to attend the PRIME VIB's Best Blogger Event!  There we networked with vendors, learn about their products and have the opportunity to work with some of their products.
Today I am sharing a Wall Décor I created for the Best Blogger Event Contest 2017.  I hope you enjoy this and are inspired to try your hand at making your own wall décor.
"Rich Jade & Satin Peacock"
For this project, I repurposed a 16 x 20 canvas from another project started and never finished.  The papers and paints on the canvas gave the new project more layers of dimension under the Rust-oleum paints. 
16 x 20 stretch canvas
10 x 12 pattern tissue
Rust-oleum Gloss Rich Jade
Rust-oleum Gloss Satin Ink Blue
Trestors Gold Ore 79630 Glitter Paint
Trestors Craft Paint Gold Dore Dorado
Trestors Craft Estrella De Rock
Trestors Super Glue
Mod Podge Matte
Brick Stencil
Black Crackle Paste
Spray water bottle
Paint Brush
Peacock Feather


Following the instructions on the Rust-oleum Gloss Rich Jade, spray one-half of canvas, let set a few minutes.  Paint the other half of the canvas with the Rust-oleum Gloss Satin Ink Blue, over lapping the Rich Jade.  Be sure to paint the sides of the canvas.  If necessary, spray a second coat for good coverage.  Let dry.


Spritz 10 x 12 pattern tissue with water.

 Next day, apply a layer of Mod Podge Matte to the canvas.

 Carefully lay on the layer of Mod Podge Matte.  Apply another layer of Mod Podge Matte over the tissue.

Let dry.


With brick stencil randomly add black crackle paste, set aside to dry.


Lightly spray with Trestors Craft Paint Gold Dore Dorado


Mix Trestors Craft Paint Gold Dore Dorado and Trestors Craft Estrella De Rock, apply lightly around the edges of the canvas to create a frame.  

Finally attach Peacock Feather with Trestors Super Glue



Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gel Press & Splash Inks

Painting on Gel plates is something I have put off.  Not sure why? This weekend I sure had fun playing with paint!

Gel Press Plate
Splash Ink

All supplies available at Altered Pages


The first print was made with blue and yellow Splash Ink. After using the brayer I had the bright green.

Punched leaves were used to give negative space on my print.  There was a ring left around each of the leaves.  Lesson learned remove the leaves before laying the paper on the plate.  The leaves will remove the paint from the plate.  The paper was then spritzed to add a bit of color.  

Between colors I sprayed my plate with water and gently wiped with a paper towel.  My next print was with red and yellow Splash Ink... you will see a little of the green left from the previous print. To add texture bubble wrap, punchinella and a bottle cap was used on the plate, the paper was laid  it.

The two above were made with red and blue Splash Ink... the first texture was added with bubble wrap and bottle caps.  The second was only with the brayer.  Lesson learned on the second that it is important to use the brayer on the back side of the paper to use the brayer (it would eliminate the white spot on the second print above).

My final print was made with blue, yellow and red Splash Ink!  Texture was added with bubble wrap, punchinella and a bottle cap. Lesson learned using more than two colors at a time can muddy when using the brayer.
Next time I want to try adding additional layers of color.
When finished I washed my plate gently with soapy water.  Do not let it sit and dry with excess paint on it. 
With my first prints I made a few all occasion cards to use when I need to write a quick "Thinking of You" "Thank You" or "Just a Note" card.  Now I have a few just waiting to be used.

You can purchase Gel Press products and Splash Inks
at Altered Pages!