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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Alice Butterfly

A couple of days ago I posted my Foundations Décor Floral Wood Butterfly. You have heard it before, I think outside the box! I kept looking at the butterfly and kept saying to myself something is missing.  This is a dimensional butterfly, it has a bare back.  The gears in my brain started churning, "what could I do without taking away from the stained wood?" 
Add text, not just any text, butterfly related text.   One of my favorite themes is ALICE...  she has a conversation with a caterpillar... that was what lead to the text used for this project!     

Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly
Clothes Pin
Dixie Belle Van Dyke Glaze
Metalic Rub on
Argyle Amber Florals

Click on the above link to see how I stained the Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly with Dixie Belle Van Dyke Glaze to create the beautiful butterfly above.

Now let's get to work on the back side of the Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly.  Find the desired text you would like to use.  I have a paperback of  "Alice in Wonderland" that I use for art projects.

Glue stick was used to adhere the wing inserts to the back side of the text.   For this project I wanted to get the word caterpillar on my pieces as many times as possible.

Next sand to edges to give them a nice clean edge. I used sand paper since it was handy.  You could use a file or emery board for this step.

Using the same Metalic Rub on pallet as the edges of the wooden butterfly add color to the wing inserts, outlining the edges like the base!
Cut words to add to the clothespin.  Adhere with glue stick and add color with Metalic Rub ons
Adhere the wing inserts with glue and allow to dry.
Add an Argyle Amber Floral to the butterfly off center!  Now my  Foundations Décor Floral Wood Butterfly is finished!

Hope you have enjoyed my morphing butterfly!
Be sure to come back each day to see more Design Team projects using Foundations Décor products!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wood Grain Butterfly!

This is one of my projects created week for Altered Pages.  During June we are partnering with Foundations Décor.  They make high quality wood foundations for awesome projects! 
If you know me, you know I work outside the box.  If you tell me "you have" to paint something pink, most likely I will paint it any color but pink. 
After opening the package I was looking at the beautiful wood grain on the Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly and thought I would show off the grain.   Instead of painting or papering the butterfly, I decided to enhanced the wood. 

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me tell you about the Foundations Decor wood.  I expected a product that I would have the prep before working with it.  Many wood products need to be finished by sanding to get a smooth finish.  There was no need to sand the Foundations Decor products, the wood is ready to work with.  

Oh, and I decided the body of my Wood Butterfly would be a clothespin!

Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly
Clothes Pin
Dixie Belle Van Dyke Glaze
Metalic Rub on
Argyle Amber Florals

Here is a sample of a painted and papered Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly!
When I started out I had every intention of painting and papering my butterfly. 

Then I opened the package and saw the beautiful wood grain. On to PLAN B!  I decided to show case this side (pictured above) with the dark grain running through the wood.
I have used the  Dixie Belle Van Dyke Glaze on several project in the past and knew it would give my butterfly a beautiful finish.

I painted the front, back and sides; then quickly removed the excess with a rag. At the same time I painted a clothespin to match the Wood Butterfly.  
I let the Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly set for about 15 minutes.

Once it was dry I added Metalic Rub on Wax around the edges of the Wood Butterfly and the clothespin.

Then the clothespin was attached with glue to the side of the butterfly without the beautiful wood grain.  The clothespin will be used to hold pictures or memos on my desk! 

Next flowers were added to the side with the wood grain, being careful not to cover it.

Not every butterfly will have this beautiful wood grain.  You will have to choose how you finish your Wood Butterfly when you get it.  I love how the Metalic Rub on Wax enhances the edges of the butterfly.

Foundations Decor Wood Butterfly would make a great gift!
Hope you are inspired.  Please let us know how you like the project we share.  Watch for a month of wood projects from the Altered Pages Design Team.
THANK YOU Foundations Decor
for partnering with us this month.