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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have you ever heard of Simpich Dolls?

I bought my first Simpich Santa many years ago.  I think it may have been 20 years ago... I came across the picture above on the internet.  I have this set of Santas packed away.  (I haven't thought about the Santas for some time.)  Since stumbling on the Santas I decided to check out what was new at Simpich... I was sad to find out the production of the Simpich dolls has stopped with the retirement of Bob and Jan Simpich. Now their son has opened a museum of the Simpich dolls and a Puppet Theater at the same site... To find out more go the the site. I need to find my Santas and take good care of them. 

PRIMA Prize HURRY you only have TONIGHT to enter!!

Oh MY... 
I just read about this fabulous giveaway at PRIMA...
Hove you ever seen so many flowers!
Go straight to PRIMA
Do not be late
Do not stop

Prima Has something really big coming...  

...but we can’t reveal it just yet! We know you’re going to love it! And don’t worry-we promise to share the big news with you soon. It’s really hard not to spill the beans, but we are sworn to secrecy. So, in the meantime, we have an exciting opportunity for you to win BIG and it’s open to everyone! There are two fabulous prize baskets worth $100 up for grabs. Prima will choose one winner from the US and one International winner.
 If you don't make it in time for the giveaway, be sure to go and check out the reveal... I think it is 3/1! 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What is Happening in February!

If your are here for my One World One Heart Giveaway

2/26 WestSound Auctions General Auction (onsite only) 

2/27 Rubber Soul class Paper Roses 10-Noon Instructor ME!  Be sure to check out the other classes

Cups for COFFEE & LUNCH in Poulsbo!

Open Seven days a week, Cups Espresso opened last year on Front Street downtown Poulsbo (18881 Front St. next to That's- a-some Italian)  Cups offers Cafe Umbria coffee, espresso, tea, ice cream, pastries and now WRAPS and SOUP.

THE WRAPS are to die for.  I get my lunch there at least two times a week!  The wraps are $5.95 each and served with the BEST potato chips. You have a choice of: Mediterranean, Veggie, Turkey BLT and Albacore Tuna Wraps.  They also serve a Savory Soup of the Day with whole grain bread for $5.95.  

If you are in a rush call ahead 697-2559, your wrap will be ready for pick-up.  Tell them you heard about them from Lyneen!

You will find art from local artists displayed and for sale at Cups! 

Judy's Junk & Java in Silverdale

My favorite place for a cup of coffee in Silverdale is Judy's Junk & Java.  There you get PERSONAL ROAST COFFEE. When you buy your coffee they will grind it for you!  They also sell wonderful peanut brittle on order!  

ANTIQUES is what makes it my favorite coffee house.  If you know me I am a collector... I love looking for that perfect THING!!!  

They are great, always giving back to the community.  March 12th is Old Town Silverdale Art Walk and they will have a party going on at their place.  Be sure to stop by!

Mixed Media Market Coming Soon!

"The Artists' Flea Market"

Friday, March 19, 2010


Saturday, March 20, 2010

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

More Information here!

If you didn't make it to our last market day you are in for a treat.  Our artists sell their creations, supplies for you to purchase and vintage treasures.  I was at an auction this week and picked up a few Asian treasures. Here are a few I plan to have on Market Days for sale. 

Blue & White tea set.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday and V-MAIL

I love this postcard, even though it doesn't have a supper clear image to get a photo of.  written to Miss E Birch of Little Horton, Bradford. (Little Horton is a Ward in Bradford Metropolitian District in the county of West YorkshireEngland, named after the de -Horton family,who were once Lords of the Manor. from Wikepedia)  It doesn't have a date or a postmark.  Not sure if it was ever mailed. 

Dear Elsie,  Just a not to wish you all a very Happy New Year and to say I am in the pink ad going to a concert tonight.  Best to all at home.  From, Uncle John XXXX 

V, or Victory mail, was a valuable tool for the military during World War II. The process, which originated in England, was the microfilming of specially designed letter sheets. Instead of using valuable cargo space to ship whole letters overseas, microfilmed copies were sent in their stead and then "blown up" at an overseas destination before being delivered to military personnel. 

Along with my postcard collection I have a small collection of V-Mail.  If I see a V-Mail I pick them up.  They are very interesting pieces of history.  Some are even heavily censored.  This particular V-Mail was sent to Esther C/O the YWCA in Tacoma, Washington!

Please join Marie the "factrice" for Postcard Friendship Friday.  The word 'factrice' is French for postmistress.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swap for all Season!

I have joined SWAP FOR ALL SEASONS for a fourth time.  I really have really enjoyed all the swaps I have done with Linda.  They have all been fabulous!!!!

First, was the TIN SWAP 

Second, Christmas Cabinet Card 

Third, was the Valentine Swap 

NOW we are doing a

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Giveaway!

Scrapbook Update has a giveaway going on until February 28th... You can win some of the new colors of Tim Holtz Distress Inks.  All you have to do is go over to Scrapbook Update and leave a comment.  GOOD LUCK!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Must See Dresses at Alice and Camilla!

Alice and Camilla have some of the most amazing dresses.  Margaret is the artist behind these wonderful creations.  I want to join her and create my own closet full of dresses!  I am sure I can find a box some where in my stash.  Please visit Alice and Camilla and you will know why I am so excited.

First read about her 2010 Project HERE!

Then check out what was hung in the closet last month...  January dress HERE!

Recently hung in the closet is her February Creation HERE!

MARKET DAYS - March 19 & 20

I am so excited to be participating in such an amazing MIXED MEDIA MARKET. The Artists' Flea Market! This will be or second market day/s!  Our last market day was a rainy day in November.  We were pleasantly surprised how many people made out that day.  We hope to see those and many new faces.

Mixed-Media Market

"The Artists' Flea Market"

Created by and for Mixed-Media Artists

and those that love pretty, vintage things

Friday, March 19, 2010


Saturday, March 20, 2010

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

at the Westgate Community Center

1550 Rocky Point Road

Bremerton, WA 98312

Free admission and parking

2.7 miles from the Bremerton Ferry Terminal

Find out more HERE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Have you created a piece of artwork that embodies the spirit of your Muse? Are there people in your life that constantly inspire you? Do you have an inspiration shelf or board in your studio? Do your emotions find their way into your artwork? Are you renewed by taking walks in the beach or woods? Does working in your garden refresh your soul? Do the antics of your children or pets keep you grounded? Do you love to surround yourself with particular colors? Does watching your feathered friends give you wings? Do favorite sounds or fragrances ignite the writer within? Does journaling give life to, or put to rest, your innermost thoughts? Does the mere mention of a yard sale or flea market make your heart jump for joy? Does your everyday world have another life through the magic of a lens?

Join the party at MudBay's Blog
I don't have a particular piece of art I created that I have kept as a "muse".  
I do have a collection of things others have given to me 
among my jars of buttons and other things 
I have on top of my shelves in my room.
The pictures here are just a glimpse of what is in my room!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Flowers...

I have been having a great time playing with paper and making flowers.  Each flower is made with five circles the same size punched from a book.  

Postcard Friendship Friday - Valentine Publishing

Valentine and Sons of Dundee were once Scotland’s most successful commercial photographers. In 1907, at the height of the postcard revolution, the photographs they published showed scenes from around the world. Often regarded as only postcard publishers, Valentines produced images in various formats including fine early photographic prints.

The Valentine company was founded in Dundee by James’s father, John Valentine, in 1825. After learning the daguerreotype process in Paris in the late 1840s, James added portrait photography to the family business in 1851. By the 1860s the company had begun to cater to the growing tourist industry by producing photographic prints with views from around the country. After James’s death in 1880, his son William Dobson took over the ever-expanding business.

At Valentine’s the greeting card gradually replaced the picture postcard. What remained of a card making empire was sold to Hallmark Cards Inc. in 1980. ~ From the Toronto Postcard Club

Valentine Publishing Co., PTY., Ltd.   1923-1963 
Melbourne and Sydney, Australia  
While Valentine’s closed most of its overseas branches in 1923, this company continued to publish and distribute their postcards in addition to playing cards and tourist guides. Their cards were printed in Great Britain in lithographic halftones but they bare little resemblance to the traditional Valentine card. These cards were not numbered. In addition they published real photo cards with many of them issued in large sets. They also accepted contracts for cards from many other Australian publishers.  An earlier set of view-cards depicting Australian scenes can be found under the name of Valentine & Sons Publishing Company of Melbourne. These cards were also printed in Great Britain in halftone lithography but they more closely resemble those marketed back in England. These cards are numbered and carry a V.G. prefix.  ~ From the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York

Today St Kilda has been absorbed by the metropolis and the road survives as one of the city's major arteries, flanked by a mix of office, residential and mixed use towers. The street is known for its width and leafiness. For most of its length, the wide street consists of a wide shared footpath, street side parking, a bicycle lane, two lanes for motor vehicle traffic, median strip reserve, another two lanes for motor vehicle traffic and a tram line on either side.

The train station is in use today.

The library is in use today with several renovations.

The Old Treasury Building on Spring Street in Melbourne, was once home to the Treasury Department of the Government of Victoria, but is now a museum of Melbourne history, known as the City Museum.  
Check out other participants of Postcard Friendship Friday

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Paper Roses Class at Rubber Soul 2/27!

Later this month I will be teaching Three Dimensional Paper Roses and Flowers using punches, glue and a skewer. I have a few tricks to share.  The roses can be used on cards, to make floral arrangements or on altered art projects.  You will leave with directions on all the projects we create.    The samples below are in the store for viewing. If you are interested i n taking the class please contact the store at (360)779-7757 

18330 Front Street, Poulsbo, WA

Date: February 27th 
Time: 10:00AM to Noon

In class you will make 3 roses like these pictured (above), 
more if time allows.  

Close up of the roses. 
This is a second flower we will make in the class. 
We will make three of these and a couple of buds. 
More if time allows!
Isn't the bud sweet!

Finally I have a surprise flower we will make that you could use on any card you mail.  

Note: We will not be able to put cards together as the glue on all the flowers will need to dry.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last Saturday I went out for a cup of coffee... I have a few spots I like to get a cup of java.  My favorite place in Silverdale is Judy's Junk & Java.  There you get PERSONAL ROAST COFFEE. When you buy your coffee they will grind it for you!  They also sell wonderful peanut brittle, TO DIE FOR (I am not kidding).  I ordered two that I am picking up Wednesday evening, February 17th, during LADIES NIGHT
I love the Personal Roast Coffee and the Peanut brittle, but I must confess... the combination of coffee and ANTIQUES is what makes it my favorite coffee house.  If you know me I am a collector.... I found this wonderful jar of buttons when I was there this week. 


Wednesday ~ Feb 17 ~ 5:00PM - 8:00PM

3656 NE Munson St in Silverdale

Ladies Night Out

Meets Chocolate 


Judy’s Junk & Java 


Lisa Stirretts Glass Studio

with Amy of

Amy’s Decadent Chocolates!

Stop by and bring your Friends!

Call 204-5187 for questions, 

and if you want to order Judy’s one-and-only Brittle Pie.

OWOH Winners!!!!

in the 
First thank you to LISA for hosting this amazing event... there were over 1,000 participants.  I know I only made it to about one fourth of the sites.  There were some amazing blogs, I caught myself spending a lot of time perusing.  I tried to get to them all.  Sorry if I missed yours.


The winner of my first giveaway is foxygknits who commented on January 27th   said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Ozma; my 90 1/2 year old mom had a set of Oz books that I am going to be able to hand down to my granddaughter. I would LOVE to win your giveaway. If you haven't yet had a chance, please stop by Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity, #113 on the Magic Carpet Ride 

The winner of my second prize package is craftymule who commented on February 4th said...

Hello from NW Arkansas! Please count me in on your fabulous drawing and be sure to stop by my blog for a chance to win, too. #56 :)

Ladies you have 48 hours to contact me.  
I will leave a comment on your blogs/email and you can get back to me.  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine to My Sweetheart!

This is my home made Valentine to my Sweetie.  
I told him to save the heart box for me!!!
Of course I bought it with the idea of altering it later!!!!

I have entered this card in Elle's Studio 
Blog Challenge Giveaway... 
Be sure to check it out HERE!
Happy Valentines Day!

Season 2 of Silver Sunday!!!

Now, on to Season 2!  
Since Season 1 was such a success 
Gypsy Fish decided to host a second season!
As posted on Gypsy Fish:
Starting Sunday February 14th (the second of the month) Silver Sunday will now be a long running monthly get together...EVERY 2nd Sunday of the month we will bring out our silver whether it be tarnished, polished, old, new, heirlooom, aluminum, pewter, glittered, plated or long as it's get creative and get ready to party! You know, not all that glitters is gold!
For the first Sunday of Season 2 
I am sharing some of my Silver (colored) molds.
I had to add a little heart for VALENTINES DAY!
I have collected a few, maybe too many!

I just purchased this one at auction last night. 

It is about 6 inches high and 7 inches wide.  

I will be selling it in my shop.  


Check out other participants HERE!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last few Valentines until next year!!!

More Valentine Wishes!

Another sweet vintage Valentine!
Don't you just love the images!



Sweetest Guy!

My dear husband came in and said, "breakfast is ready".  He had made pancakes and sausage.  I walked in the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee and my cup was waiting for me... 

Granted he isn't too crafty
 when it comes to paper and ink, 
but he knows how to get the point across.  
His little Valentine hit home with me!
Happy Valentines Day!

Westsound Auctions!

Westsound Auctions is located on Highway 3 just north of Belfair.  If you aren't familiar with the newest auction house in Kitsap County and are either looking to buy or sell items this is the place you want to check out.  

The second Friday of the month is the Antiques and Collectables auction.  It is onsite and NOW LIVE on the internet.  If you want reach a larger audience for your collectables this maybe the venue for your goods.  Next Antiques and Collectables Auction is March 12th. 

The third and fourth Fridays are General Auctions.  The next General Auctions are February 19th and 26th.

Go to Westsound Auctions and find out more.
Disclaimer: I am a customer and work the Collectables & Antique auctions.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I received a couple of thank you's in the mail that I would like to share!
Thank you ladies for taking the time to make your beautiful cards!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Big Weekend!

It is Postcard Friendship Friday!  Marie our "Fatrice" (French for postmistress).

This Sunday is Valentines
Monday is Presidents Day

This week I would like to share both days celebrated here in the United States.  First is Valentines, Feb 14th. No, it isn't a holiday... I sure think it should be!    
Both Valentine postcards were mailed in 1910!

I came across this Valentine which I thought was a little unusual with the Presidents on it.  Then I realized President's Day falls close to Valentines each year.  It is the second Monday of February.  
Three MEN I Idolize, 
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln 
and YOU!
To finish off the post I want to share a postcard of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Each face is carved from the granite and measures about 60 feet from chin to forehead.  
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