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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cards From Class on Saturday!

This past Saturday I taught two classes.  First, a Valentine Waterfall class.  Second a we did three pop-ups; the easel, pop-up hearts and a purse with a pop-up inside. 
I love the easel cards!

The POP UP is so much fun!

What girl wouldn't want a little purse for Valentines with a cupcake inside!
All stamps are from Rubber Soul

Silver Sunday #5 - POLISHED!

It is Silver Sunday I decided to polish the candleholders.  Well now I know why wealthy households of old needed so many servants.  YIKES everything was SILVER!!!!
Pictured here is a Japanese Ucagco figurine I will be taking to the store this week to sell.  Reminds me of a cupid! 

To see more of the Silver Sunday participants go to Gypsy Fish!

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Valentine Waterfall Card - Saturday, Jan 30th 10-Noon

Pop Up Valentine Cards - Saturday, Jan 30th 1-3:00
At Rubber Soul
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine Swap Sneak Peak

I am participating in a SWAP over at
Here is a little sneak of my gift...
 I have been working on it all month.
This is one of the Vintage Valentines she will receive!
I hope it arrives soon at GarageSaleGal's! I mailed it Priority!!! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Most Important Words!

I received this in an email today, I felt a need to share!

The least important word is


The important word is


The two most important words are


The three most important words are


The four most important words are


The five most important words are


The six most important words are


PostCard Friendship Friday - Old Post Office New Face!

Marie at Friendship Postcard Friday has started this Fridays posting with an old post office.  I knew we had to have a post office in the house. My FIL has a massive collection of postcards so I asked him if he had any post offices and in minutes he pulled this one out.  Turns out he worked in this building in his teens when it housed the Bureau of Reclamation.  

The old US Post Office was built in 1914 and served as the main post office for Amarillo until 1939 when a larger building was built at 207 5th Street.  The building was later named the Coble Bldg.  This card was postmarked the about the time  the SUNDRY CIVIL APPROPRIATION BILL, 1921 was being discussed.




The CHAIRMAN You have an item in House Document No 643 for the Amarillo Tex post office as follows That of the unexpended balance of the appropriation for the construction of a post office building at Amarillo Tex not exceeding $10,500 is made available for enlarging the mailing platform and for making certain interior changes in said building When was that building completed

 Mr WETMORE In 1916 We have a balance of nearly $11,000 on account of that building The CHAIRMAN You want $10,500 for enlarging the mailing platform Mr WETMORE And for interior changes The CHAIRMAN What interior changes do you propose to make

 Mr WETMORE On the first floor of the building to give the post office additional accommodations This enlarged mailing platform would be an inclosed platform that would really have the effect of enlarging the post office quarters That is not a large cost considering the number of square feet of space gained That is one of those cases where perhaps we could have gone ahead and expended the unexpended balance without any question being raised but the balance had not been reserved for this purpose it was to take care of painting and some other things We had more than we needed to finish the building and the balance has not been turned in When I was asked the other day whether it could be used for this purpose I said No we should get authority from the Appropriations Committee to use it for this purpose The work contemplated is along the line of things that we are doing with that $220,000 appropriation you granted especially for such purposes It is a case where there is an unexpended balance from the building appropriation that might be used to afford relief by providing some very much needed accommodations 

The CHAIRMAN Is the town growing 

Mr WETMORE Yes sir 

The CHAIRMAN Very rapidly 

Mr WETMORE I do not know how rapidly I will supply for the record a statement showing the number of square feet that this would give in the way of relief and the price per square foot NOTE: The platform will be enlarged 200 square feet 

The CHAIRMAN Also supply for the record if it is available in your office a statement of the postal receipts down there since 1916 so that we may see how great this congestion is 

Mr WETMORE I will do so

The post card reads: August 23, 1921 Dear folks, Sure lots of country but like it best at home. We had good luck roads and weather coming down and are on our way back.  Everybody feeling fine. Elmer & Elisabeth 
Today the First Bank of Texas is in the building.  GO to see the renovations done by Lavina Architects!
Happy Postcard Friendship Friday

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway!

CLOSED 2/15/10 I will choose the winner this evening.

****EDIT:  I am close to 200 posts - for every 200 
I will add another gift for a separate drawing!****
 The day has arrived...  to ride the Magic Carpet to the 2010 ONE WORLD ONE HEART GIVEAWAY event.   Lisa Swifka is hosting this world wide event for a fourth year.  In 2007 (the first year) there were about 90 participants, the next year it tripled and in 2009 there were 911 participants.  I recently learned of this wonderful way to connect with others around the world and decided I wanted to be part of the ONE WORLD ONE HEART EVENT this year.  Will is triple yet again? 
A little about me I have enjoyed blogging for several years.  I am a card maker and altered artist,  I love sharing. One avenue of sharing is I teach at my local stamp store.  I also love to share on my blog; each month I dedicate on post to inspirational blog sites sharing them with those that visit mine.  Maybe yours will be one of my future inspiration sites.  If you spend any time on my blog you will see that I like vintage and not so vintage, antiques, lace, buttons and old papers.  If you don't have much time now I hope to see you back in the future.  I love Giveaways!
This is a page from a very old book "Ozma of OZ".  
I think Dorothy would love get on the Magic Carpet and head on home. 
You may recognize this... it came from an old copy of Alice in Wonderland! 
Here we have Christopher Robin from Pooh!

Now for my Giveaway... It is open to anyone with an active blog.  Please leave a comment for a chance to win....  It is one of my Youth Paper Ephemera Packs.  You can use the papers, fabric, buttons and lace to scrap, make cards, alter projects what ever.  There are over 70 pieces in the packet, some of the papers have yellowed gracefully others haven't yellowed yet!  Above are a few close-ups, below more of the package.  If you love paper you will love my giveaway.

Please leave a comment if you are interested in my giveaway.  All I ask is you have an active blog and if you win there is a way to contact you via your blog. You have until February 14th Midnight PST to enter.  I will choose a winner on February 15th.  Please take time to visit other participants of One World One Heart here! You will find them listed on the sidebar.   There are tons of Giveaways!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Silver Sunday #4 - In Need of a Shine!

OH, I am late to the SIVLER SUNDAY party this week!  Been under the weather and behind on everything. I had my pictures ready earlier this week should have gotten my post done at the same time.  
Here are a few things I picked up at auction two weeks ago.  
I will be selling them in my space at Cats Meow. 

 I will be selling antiques as well as my cards in our space. 

Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are a few Valentines I made a few days back. I think it was last Monday.  You may have noticed I wasn't around for a few days.  Well that Flu Bug got me, but not for long! All of these were made with stamps from the new Valentine stamps from RUBBER SOUL!

WHO KNEW? Coffee Filters were so Versatile?

I got this in one of those emails I am sure everyone has gotten... this has really made me think I am limiting my uses of the COFFEE FILTER!  Let me know what you think after you read the list!  Do you have other uses for your coffee filters?
COFFEE FILTERS..... Who knew!   And you can buy 1,000 at the Dollar Tree for almost nothing even the large ones. 

1. Cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the  microwave.. Coffee filters make excellent covers.  
2. Clean windows, mirrors, and chrome...  Coffee filters are lint-free so they'll leave windows sparkling.
3.  Protect China by separating your good dishes with a 
coffee filter between each dish.
4.  Filter broken cork from wine.  If you break the cork when opening a wine  bottle, filter the wine through a coffee filter.
5.  Protect a cast-iron skillet.  Place a coffee filter in the  skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.

6.  Apply shoe polish.  Ball up a lint-free coffee filter. 

7.  Recycle frying oil.  After frying, strain oil through a sieve  lined with a coffee filter.

8.  Weigh chopped foods.  Place chopped ingredients in a coffee filter on a  kitchen scale.

9.  Hold tacos.  Coffee filters make convenient wrappers for messy foods.

10.  Stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot.  Line a plant  pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going through  the drainage holes.

11.  Prevent a Popsicle from dripping.  Poke one or two holes as  needed in a coffee filter..

12.  Do you think we used expensive strips to wax eyebrows?  Use  strips of coffee filters..

13.  Put a few in a plate and put your fried bacon, 
French fries, chicken  fingers, etc on them.  It soaks out all the grease.  

14.  Keep in the bathroom.  They make great "razor nick  fixers."
15.   As a sewing backing..  Use a filter as an easy-to-tear backing for embroidering or appliqueing soft fabrics.
16.  Put 
baking soda into a coffee filter and insert into shoes or a closet to absorb or prevent odors. 
17.  Use them to strain soup stock and to tie fresh herbs in to put in 
soups and stews. 
18.  Use a coffee filter to prevent spilling when you add fluids to your car.
19.  Use them as a 
spoon rest while cooking and clean up small counter spills. 
20.  Can use to hold dry ingredients when baking or when cutting a piece of fruit or veggies..  Saves on having extra bowls to wash..
21..  Use them to wrap 
Christmas ornaments for storage. 
22.  Use them to remove fingernail polish when out of cotton balls.
23.  Use them to sprout seeds..  Simply dampen the coffee filter, place seeds inside, fold it and place it into a 
plastic baggie until they sprout. 
24. Use coffee filters as 
blotting paper for pressed flowers.  Place the flowers between two coffee filters and put the coffee filters in  phone book.. 
25.  Use as a disposable "snack bowl" for popcorn, chips, etc.
Sara left a comment with uses for the crafter
  1. Books
  2. Inked backgrounds
  3. Stamped candy pouches
  4. A holder for beads and small pieces on your work table while crafting
  5. Embossing powder catcher
  6. Funnel
  7. Hand-crafted flowers
If you have other uses leave a comment and I will add them to the Crafter's Uses!

PostCard Friendship Friday - A Bite of Apple!

Welcome to my post for Postcard Friendship Friday.  As I was looking through my postcards today for one that might go along with Marie's them of  "pigs" none came flying out of my collection.  Then I spotted the apples and began reading the back.  

Dear Children  
We've just left the Columbia R. at Umatilla soon we will be gliding along the Snake R. father is feeling better  I am no worse we had a pleasant time at P.O.s baby is quite a girl. Well I have a sore stomach to take east with me alright sot far. Mother
I can't imagine what it was like traveling distances in the west in 1911.  Most likely Mother and Father were on a steamer similar to one of these below on the Columbia River.
    This postcard is from the Columbia River Penny Postcard Collection postmarked 1909.

This postcard is from the Columbia River Penny Postcard Collection circa 1910.

To see all the other posts this week or join the fun visit THE "FACTRICE" French for postmistress at Postcard Friendship Friday!  

Monday, January 18, 2010

Exchange Valentines with Kecia!

If you are tired of getting really lame snail mail. it usually  consists of bills and junk mail; occasionally a magazine. not very  exciting. Kecia recently i found 2 boxes of vintage Valentine's  Day cards at the flea market. Kecia said...

so i was thinking about how could i do something fun with these cards and i decided that i want to exchange Valentine's cards with you! this isn't a swap, there is only one rule: please only participate in this if you will truly follow through. i don't think that is asking too much! your card does not have to be vintage or handmade

If you are interested visit Kecia HERE at Lemoncholy 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Sunday Afternoon Estate Sale Stop!

My dear father-in-law and I were on our way to do some grocery shopping about 3:ooPM.  Yes, most of the time he helps with this chore.  Actually I enjoy going shopping with him.  On our way we spotted a sign that read "Estate Sale."  My car STOPPED and would go no further unless we turned in the drive-way and checked out the sale.  I have a smart car!

It was an experience.  The place had stuff all over, the carport was full of tables and boxes. There were 2 sheds with stuff and then the small 2-bedroom house.  I was going through the house and came to a bedroom with a man was blocking the door.  There was a lady rifling through everything the drawers, closet and boxes.  I politely asked the man if I could get by.  The lady said she was in there and I could come in when she was finished... WOW.  That sure caught me by surprise.  I  just went on to the next room and came back to the bedroom later.  Check out what we found!
We will be putting a lot of these items in our new antique mall spot.  
It was late in the day and much of the stuff was picked over.  
We still came a way with a few treasures. 
There is a cute story behind the cat salt & pepper shakers.  I found one cat in the car port in a box and the other in a shed behind the house.  I think if they are cleaned up they will be going to a good new home in the future. 
Lots of wooden bobbins of thread!
A couple of pieces of silver!
My mother had star candle holders like those when I was small.
I picked up all the heart jewelry I could find. 
All in all I think we had a good day. 
What do you think of our finds? 

Checking out the Site!

I took Dad to see where we would be selling our goods.  We went to town and checked out the store and them had lunch and coffee at Cups.   Here are a few photos of our day.
This is the store front of Cats Meow in downtown Poulsbo.

We will have the 14 x 14 glass shelf unit Dad is standing next to.
This how full the current resident has it filled.  This in one shelf of the display!
Here is where we stopped for lunch... I love Poulsbo.
Cups is just across from the quilt store!

Winners of 2 Giveaways

Congrats to both of my winners... remember I have one more giveaway My January Inspiration that doesn't end until the end of the month! 

Winner of My Esty Store Celebration CONGRATS Jeanette said...

How sweet to do a giveaway! I have been a follower for a few weeks now and really enjoy your posts.

Winner of my Birthday Giveaway  Congrats Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

What beautiful treasures of your birth!! Happy Birthday Lyneen!! 
And what a fun, generous give away you are having! Isn't that backwards ... aren't we supposed to be giving YOU the goodies, LOL!! Happy Day my friend!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver Sunday #3 - Not so Silver any more!

Sharing a few of my recent thrift store finds... I think this little collection totaled less than $25.00!  I love when I find a deal.  

Here I have several trays
sugar & creamer
and candy dish.
Thank you Gypsy Fish for hosting such a great party during the month of January.  If you want to see more beautiful silver visit Gypsy Fish for links to the participants. 

There is exciting news in our house!  My 81 year young father-in-law and I are going to have our own little space in a local antique store.  So I will be on the lookout for more great finds.  More information to follow on the details of where and when!