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Friday, August 6, 2010

PostCard Friendship Friday - Shirley Hill House

I haven't participated in PPF for a couple of months, life was happening and just ran out of hours in every day. I missed sharing with all of the PPF participants... I am back!

Here is an interesting card I picked up in one of the boxes I got at auction. I love looking up the history of cards from the turn of the century. This post card was mailed in 1906! This same postcard is posted on the genealogy information about the Shirley Family of New Hampshire HERE. The Shirley family arrived in Goffstown between 1760 and 1763.

Excerpts from post on PLC:

Paul Welch’s father bought the house and horse barn on Shirley Hill when Paul was about two years old. The seller was Shirley Johnson, who owned Shirley Hill House – a resort described in its brochure as “the Saint Moritz of America.” Two years later, the Storm of 1938 took the roof off the hotel, and Mr. Welch was able to buy more land when Mr. Johnson decided to close the resort.

Jim Shirley’s family, across the road, settled there in 1763, when Goffstown was just two years old. Many generations have lived and farmed there; the Shirley home is a landmark cherished by people all over town. The history of the Shirley family is, in a way, the history of the United States: some members serving in the Civil War (even a great-aunt named for Vicksburg); some moving west in the 1800s. Jim’s wife, Sara, now runs a produce farm ( using the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model, whereby 35 families share in the benefits and risks of the farm and farmer, keeping their spending local and greatly cutting food transport. Shirley Farm is one of the very few Bicentennial Farms in New Hampshire, meaning it’s been in production in the same family since before the Constitution.

I couldn't find much information on when Shirley Hill House was built. The PLC (a local conservancy) has helped preserve the working farmland and now Shirley Hill is protected. You can read more about protecting the land HERE.

Mailed from Goffstown, NH to Buzzards Bay, MA a distance of 124 miles in 1906. I wonder how long it would had taken this card to travel that distance? Today you can travel between the two towns in about 2 hours.

To see more please visit The Best Hearts are Crunchy.
Thanks Beth for hosting!

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viridian said...

Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Snap said...

Welcome back!!!! Interesting card and info. Happy PFF!

Irene said...

Great historical information,and a wonderful card. Thank You so much.

Aimee Dars said...

What an interesting family story!

I wish I were in WA to stop by your Simply Renewed- I love the dog card (with the pug) on the store page!

Mary said...

Interesting background, and lovely house.

Dorincard said...

A story behind an image...Cool! :)

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