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Friday, July 29, 2016

Special Gift Box!

Have you ever been in a pinch and needed a special small gift box?  If you have 12x12 cardstock and a few embellishments you have your special gift box right under your nose!

Snow Strip Glitter Cardstock 2 sheets Back side
Arrows Teal Glitter Chipboard
Paris Fleur Glitter Chipboard
Double Sided Tape
Glue Stick

I love the back side of the Snow Strip Glitter Cardstock!

Rough draft of the box plan!

For the box base: Score a 12x2 sheet at 4 & 8 inches turn and score the other direction at 4 and 8 inches.  Fold on the score lines.

For the box top: Cut another piece 6 1/8 by 6 and 1/8, score one inch from the edge on al four side. fold on the score lines

Cut to the center one side of each flap on the top. Use double sided tape to adhere flaps.

The finished box top. 

Pictured how the box bottom should be cut.

Double side tape applied to the flap and inside of the box as pictured.

Remove tape one corner at a time to create corners of the box.

Ready for the second corner.

Work around the box until all corners are taped

  HERE IS THE FINISHED BOX  before embellishments!

  HERE IS THE FINISHED BOX  before embellishments!


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dixie Belle... Window of Paris!

Last weekend I went to a crop at the Scrapbook Zone.  I took my Dixie Belle Paint - Buttercream and Dixie Belle Van Dyke Glaze, they came in handy when I saw this bare window frame sitting on the counter!  I just could not resist using them.  I shared this on the Altered Pages blog this week!
If you know my art, you know I love PARIS!
The Window Shadow Frame is pencil thin.  I painted the bare  frame with 2 coats of  Dixie Belle Paint - Buttercream

Arrange charms, chipboard and wood pieces in the frame.

Once the frame was dry apply Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze to distress the frame.

Apply pattern paper to the back board of the window with glue stick.  With tacky glue attach the frame of the to the backboard the paper has been glued to!  Use clothes pins to hold in place until dry! 

While the glue dries, ink and heat emboss wood crown and fluer de lis with Pirate Black Embossing Powder!

Assemble items using tacky glue!

The flowers are Petaloo Paintables, I used spray mist to color the white flowers the perfect pink!

Attach items inside each frame and to the frame!

Add Dew Drops and flowers and other embellishments to cover holes on charms!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Postcard Post: Sing Fat Co.

A vintage advertising card! 
On the back: Published by Pacific Novelty CO. San  Francisco
with the Dragon Trade Mark
"Pacific Novelty Co.   (1908-1960’s) San Francisco, CA
A major publisher and printer of view-cards depicting California in tinted halftone line block. They produced cards in different styles, most of which were printed in Germany. They eventually sold off their own printing department to Herman Vogel who renamed it Quadricolor Press. Pacific Novelty went on to produce photochromes that were manufactured in the United States." from

I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sweet Little Birdhouse!

Several of these cute little bird houses would make cute decorations on a party table.  Use them for a tea party or a spring time center piece.

Wooden birdhouse
Craft Paint
Dew Drops - Easter
Tear Drops - Rose Hips
Robin's Nest Pink Roses on Green Cardstock
Robin's Nest Bunny Stripe Cardstock
Silk Flowers
Yellow Shred
Glue stick
Tacky Glue

Paint wooden birdhouse with craft paint.

Measure sides and roof of the birdhouse, cut Robin's Nest Pink Roses on Green Cardstock to fit, adhere with glue stick.

On the front use a small file to get clean edges for the heart opening of the birdhouse.

Use tacky glue to trim the roof with Tear Drops - Rose Hips

Add trim around the bottom of the house using stripe from Robin's Nest Bunny Stripe Cardstock.

Add Dew Drops - Easter around the bottom of the birdhouse platform.

A gold dew drop on the end of the perch, silk flowers add a garden touch to the little birdhouse and yellow shred inside the birdhouse are the finishing touches! 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time Flies Canvas Book

I did this little book a few weeks ago for the Robin's Nest.  I love making little books... I have been eyeing the printed canvas at Robin's Nest for awhile.   In the back of my mind thinking it would make a great little book!

Chip Board 
Tacky Glue
Glue Stick
Gel medium
Embellishments: Chipboard, stamps, etc.
For my book I used the Robin's Nest Canvas Swirl Border, any of the canvas 12 x 12 sheets will work for this project.

Cut the canvas into three - four inch wide strips, then fold each strip into thirds, pressing them together to get a nice fold. The book will be 4 inches by 4 inches. 
What is great about using the canvas is you can sew it.  Sew the three sections together to make one long piece. 
At one end sew the right sides together (I did a straight stitch), then the other end the wrong sides   together (I did a zigzag.)  See pictured above!
Pictured here is the long piece of canvas sewn together.

The canvas stacks nicely when folded.

Cut two pieces of chipboard 4 2/16 square, paint the edges with gesso. 

I used a 4x4 piece of  Robins Nest Black and White Swirl Glitter boarder Cardstock for the back of the book... using a glue stick adhere to one piece of card stock
Cut the first panel from the canvas strip.  This will be the front of the book.  Adhere it with tacky glue to the second piece of chipboard.

Lay the chip board with the inside up, adhere the ribbon across the middle with double sided tape, leaving about a 1/2 inch gap for the book.

With tacky glue, adhere the pages that will be the spine of the book.  This will keep the book from popping out when you open it.

Adhere the covers to the book with tacky glue.

Let dry,  I used clothespins to keep it tight while drying.  

Here is the book before any embellishments were added! 
Above you can see how the pages are glued tight in the center.

This is the 1/2 inch spine that we created when laying down the ribbon on the cover.

On the cover I wanted to add a rub-on, the design was too busy so I painted a light coat of gesso.  Then I used the Robins Nest Rub-on Time Flies.

I am really happy with the way the cover turned out!

On the first pages I added some used postage stamps with gel medium.

 Then I embossed a feather from Gina Designs and attached it with tacky glue.  Be sure to allow plenty of drying time between pages when using gel medium.... if not they will stick together.
I have more pages to complete...
 Here are some final shots of my book.