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Friday, February 26, 2016

Postcard Post: Sunny California

Sent from Long Beach California, March 27, 1915 to Seattle Washington.
On the back: Dear Mrs. Sloyle, How are you and the children, been in California two months now, expect to be back in a couple of weeks, the winters down here are grand, but I like the Seattle summers. Love to you all, Emma

 This card was copyright 1908 by Fred L Cavally of Denver.
The date got me wondering which states had not been admitted into the union in 1908... so I did a  search and found 4:
New Mexico - January 6, 1912
Arizona - February 14, 1912
Alaska - January 3, 1959
Hawaii - August 21, 1959

As of 2012 all states except Alaska and Hawaii have had Centennial Celebrations.

As of this post only 18 states have celebrated a bi-centennial admission in the union...
Delaware - December 7, 1787
Pennsylvania - December 12, 1787
New Jersey - December 18, 1787
Georgia - January 2, 1788
Connecticut - January 9, 1788
Massachusetts - February 6, 1788
Maryland - April 28, 1788
South Carolina - May 23, 1788
New Hampshire - June 21, 1788
Virginia - June 25, 1788
New York - July 26, 1788
North Carolina - November 22, 1789
Rhode Island - May 29, 1790

The above were the 13 original colonies...  
all were crown colonies before being admitted to the union!
Vermont - March 4, 1791
Kentucky - June 1, 1792
Tennessee - June 1, 1796 
Ohio - March 1, 1803
Louisiana - April 30, 1812
This year on December 11th Indiana will celebrate its bi-centennial.

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Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

St Patricks Day is almost here!!!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Last Year I took a class at my local scrapbook store, THE SCRAPBOOK ZONE and made this book.  I then embellished it with my Altered Pages Erin go Bragh collage sheet and KUNZE German Scrap! 

The front of my book is embellished with this beautiful KUNZE German Scrap frame around the image of the fair maiden from the Altered Pages Erin Go Bragh collage sheet.

On the pull out tab it a precious angel from my collage sheet.

On this page is a sweet boy and girl from the collage sheet.  On the opposite facing page the top of the page is trimmed with beautiful KUNZE German Scrap adhered with Tacky Glue!

Two Irish dancers from the collage sheet and in the corner KUNZE German Scrap corner. On the opposing page a KUNZE horseshoe and shamrock. The shamrock has been highlighted with Wink of Stella... see it glitter!

The KUNZE horseshoe and shamrock were silver, a green tint was added to the shamrock with the grass green Chameleon pen!

Wishing you the LUCK OF THE IRISH
this St. Patrick's Day!!!
KUNZE German Scrap
Green Grass Chameleon Pen
Pattern Paper

Friday, February 19, 2016

Postcard Post: Greeting from Weeki Wachee

The spring  the mermaids swim in was named "Weeki Wachee" by Seminole Indians, which means "Little Spring".  In 1947 the first mermaid show played to a small audience, soon after a 50 set theater was built.  The mermaids have been entertaining for visitors seven decades. Movies have been filmed, songs recorded, famous people have been guest at Weeki Wachee!!! 
has three shows daily, see the schedule HERE!
Check out the mermaid in the center of the photo! 
This is an unused postcard... I am thinking this is in the 60's.
Weeki Wachee even has a Facebook page HERE!
I learn so much from my postcard collection!

I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Postcard Post: Mount Rushmore

Presidents Day!!

Many people see today as a holiday and a day for great sales...

Today is a day to remember and celebrate those individuals who have lead this great country of ours, especially George Washington the 1st president and our 16th Abraham Lincoln.  President's Day is now celebrated on the third Monday in February.

Mount Rushmore is an amazing monument to honor four leaders of our country: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

This postcard was mailed from Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota to Port Blakeley, WA in 1937.
This postcard was most likely printed and sold to help raise funds for the project.  During its construction there were times they lacked funds, during those times construction stopped.
Construction started in 1927 and was completed in 1941!
Enlarged for easy reading!

Add caption
See another one of my Mount Rushmore (under construction) postcards HERE!

I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine Request!!! Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart

We watched the video "Food Country with Chef Michael Smith Potato Bacon Cheddar Tart Episode" a week ago.  If you didn't know bacon is a staple in our house...  we don't eat if everyday but it is used a lot in cooking here!

Yesterday Mike asked if we could make the bacon dish for Valentines... well a quick trip to the store to pick up parchment paper and a little more bacon. 

Chef Michael Smith makes it look so easy!  Here is our version of his dish...

Ingredients: Potatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese, salt and pepper!

Line the dish with bacon, not overlapping in the center
 (to keep from having a big mound in the middle).
I didn't have an oven proof skillet so I used a glass pie plate. 
Mike thinly sliced 5 potatoes.

First layer of potatoes with cheese.

 Another layer of potatoes.

We had 5 layers of potatoes and cheese.
Just like Chef Michael Smith we tucked in the last few layers.

Wrap the pile of potatoes with the bacon.

In the oven it goes..... with a weight to keep the bacon from curling!

OPPS!!!  Almost forgot the cookie sheet under the pan to catch any drippings!
Bake at 350 degrees for 2 1/2 hours...

This is one hour... another hour to go! 
Ready to come out of the oven...

Drain off all the fat and put on a plate...

Ready to serve! 

This is YUMMY!
Recommend making it again!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

LOVE Art Deco Banner!

A simple 'I LOVE U' Valentine banner made with an Art Deco flair!!! 


Robin's Nest Papers Valentine Hearts (front and Back) and Valentine Strips (back only)
Hearts Dew Drops

Hole Punch
Heart Punch
Stamps - I LOVE U

For this banner you will need eight banners, each banner is 7 inches x 4 inches, at the point 5 1/2 inches.  Be careful when using pattern paper that you have the pattern going in the correct direction when cutting. 

Using the ScorPal, score each banner every 1/2 inch.   
Fold each banner with ends facing down.  These will create the lapels of each banner. 

Once the banners are folded staple the folds on the back side, be sure to leave the two outside pieces free.

Punch 1 1/2 inch hearts, stamp with the letters spelling "I LOVE U".  Punch holes in hearts an dtie with ribbon.

Once they are tied add Hearts Dew Drops and glue the banners to the heart. Finally add tulle.

Hope this inspires you to create your own ART DECO Banner!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Fairie Song Art Stamps - Wish Upon a Star


Using Fairie Song Art Stamps - When you Wish Upon a Star and
Altered Pages Collage Bertiglia II

Paint Postcard Tag with Gelatos using a water brush, dry.  Cut a star from paper to make a mask and wipe Chalk Paint Timeless with a Pallet Knife, let dry.  While the paint dries adhere image to thin chipboard with Glue Stick and fussy cut.

Stamp Fairie Song Art Stamps  "When you Wish Upon a Star" and  Glitz Stamp - LOVE with Black Ink emboss with Pirates Gold Embossing Powder.  Add embossing powder smudges on the card.  Tear a piece Authentique Paper Summer adhere to the bottom of the tag.

Staple a bit a tulle to the bottom of the tag, add  Petaloo Flowers and Petaloo Hat Pins.  With Dimensional Tape attach collage image.
Add tulle and ribbon to the top of the tag!

Fairie Song Art Stamps - When you Wish Upon a Star
Altered Pages Collage Bertiglia II
Black Ink
Postcard Tag
Pirates Gold Embossing Powder
Authentique Paper Summer
Glitz Stamp - LOVE
Chalk Paint Timeless
Pallet Knife
Petaloo Flowers
Petaloo Hat Pins
Dimensional Tape
Glue Stick
Thin chipboard - like a cereal box